Canadian Remote Access Framework for Clinical Trials

The Canadian Remote Access Framework for Clinical Trials (CRAFT) helps enable clinical trial participation for patients who live far from the healthcare site where the trial is primarily offered.

CRAFT Framework Paper

CRAFT Position Paper

Resources for Enabling Clinical Trials at Satellite Sites

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Agreement Templates

Site Supervision Plan

Delegation Log

Satellite Site Feasibility Assessment

Template Slide Deck for Study-specific Training at Satellite Sites


Across Canada, access to clinical trials is limited for many patients. Travel time and associated costs for rural and remote populations are prohibitive. 3CTN is working with representatives from regulatory institutions, research ethics, telemedicine, academic and industry trial sponsors and cancer centres to address regulatory, ethical, legal and practical barriers. With the development and implementation of CRAFT, the Network aims to provide equitable access to clinical trials for all Canadians, regardless of their location.

3CTN convened a stakeholder meeting in November 2019 to develop a framework for providing clinical trials to patients who don’t have access to the healthcare centre where a trial is primarily offered. Implementation of the resulting position paper began in 2020 with the creation of a toolkit of resources. In 2021, Proof of Concept sites are being established to evaluate the framework.

CRAFT has been made possible thanks to the dedication, support and commitment of our Network stakeholders.