What We Accomplished in 2019-2020

Network Achievements

Trial Portfolio

Patient and Public Involvement

Performance by Province


  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 229%
  • 3 Patient Partners
  • Supported Investigator Initiated Trials program to launch more academic trials at centres
  • Implemented ‘action for improvement’ for emerging performance issues and/or trends
  • Worked with patient advisors to review and refresh Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials website

British Columbia

  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 78%
  • 3 Patient Partners
  • Coordinator hired to lead trial start up activities and identify process improvement opportunities
  • Provincial quality assurance initiatives implemented, including internal audits


  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 33%
  • 1 Patient Partner
  • Implemented process to support low recruiting trials within the first year of study activation
  • Created site profile information provided to sponsors in advance to their site selection visits. This reduced the number of questions, which significantly reduced visit times


  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 67%
  • 1 Patient Partner
  • Started implementation of EDGE, a clinicaltrials management system
  • Created study performance metrics and timelines for evaluation of open trials monthly

Nova Scotia

  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 32%
  • 1 Patient Partner
  • Partnered with Cape Breton Cancer Centre to improve access to trials for patients outside of Halifax
  • Process created to improve trial performance monitoring


  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 165%
  • 17 Patient Partners
  • Implemented quality improvement initiatives such as a Quality Control Program, adding a standing monthly agenda topic called ‘Process Series’ to share and discuss clinical trials process best practices
  • Developed policy for under performing trials and implemented several strategies including reviewing recruitment targets, implementing recruitment strategies
  • Partnered with a community wellness centre to host a clinical trials information session to increase trial awareness


  • Accrual to Y6 Target = 135%
  • 5 Patient Partners
  • Launched oncoquebec.com, a user-friendly clinical trials website, listing all available trials in Quebec
  • Implemented strategies, standard operating procedures and training at sites to improve trial performance
  • Developed internal quality control procedures to provide periodical internal data monitoring

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